self care.

Self care is so important. Reaching out to people when you need them (or simply need a kind word) is so important. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been randomly thinking about this guy that used to substitute at my high school. The first time he subbed, I remember how ALL of the ladies at school went crazy over him (because he really was super fine). I kept saying “I wonder what he’s up to,” but would forget to do a quick search to see if he was online anywhere.

I hopped on Facebook to see if I could find him and ended up reaching out to a friend who I figured could update me him.

“Yea, I remember him very well. You know he committed suicide a couple years ago.”

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I’m just now getting done with work for Faux Fro​. And I literally just had a lil’ cry to myself.

I am SO glad that I stepped out on faith and said “start from where you are. stop worrying about what you don’t have or can’t do right now b/c later, you’ll be able to do that plus more IF you stick with it.” In December, I made a promise to myself that I’d either sit down and do this thing or completely blow it off. “Once you start, you’re not stopping.”

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wasted time or learning experience?

Although I’m grateful for enlightenment, I get severely annoyed looking back at how small I was thinking all these years. I had ideas, yes. But they were ‘small’ in the grand scheme of things.

Now, my mind is working overtime and a half, literally filled to the brim on ideas of growing. With the exception of The Weave Review, literally ALL of my ideas were “something to do” and did not offer much in terms of growth opportunities for the future.

Can’t do anything but shake my head.

Young people, if you’re listening: I encourage you to question the sustainability of your business a year from now, 5 years from now, or even 10 years from now. Is what you’re scheming on a necessity? If it’s not, what about it makes it something that can last for longer than a minute? Is it a trend? Can this trend withstand as is or will you have to evolve with NEW trends to keep your current relevant?

And again, start from where you are. It’s alright to dream big but if you ain’t got the “big” money to get things going, start with what you have and allow that to help you grow into bigger and better. Waiting around for perfect will have you sitting on flawless ideas forever, accomplishing absolutely nothing.


So I’m reading a friend’s wall post (facebook). She was someone who was out in California with me in ’06 when I was 100% lost, confused, and selling my soul.

In her post (won’t tag her), she says that she’s pretty much oh well’ing her current life and going back into the industry. While there were several people there who obviously care about her well being, there were quite a few who were pushing her towards it and one even dismissed the fact that her stat shows that she’s CLEARLY hurting to say “let me know if you do. I always wanted to shoot with you.”

I’ve talked about this briefly before but I’ll say it again: the porn industry is pure trash. I don’t care what perspective you choose to look at it from. Nobody in that industry is your friend beyond that moment and they surely don’t care about you beyond how much money you can put in their pockets. I was so lost and hurting back then. So lost. Even though I’ve forgiven a few people, it breaks my heart to think about ALL the people (MANY of which are on my friends list NOW) who turned their backs on me, wouldn’t talk TO me but never hesitated talking ABOUT me. Even though I JUST rededicated my life to Jesus in July of last year, there was something in me even way back then that said “forgive these people. Don’t fault them for not looking out like you THOUGHT they would.” That industry is filthy. It’ll chew you up and spit you out. I wouldn’t wish that even on my WORST enemy.

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depression rant.

When I’m going through a bout of depression, I don’t “bother” anybody with my issue. The ONLY way anybody would know is if I CHOOSE to respond to their text message where they ASK ME how I’m doing. Otherwise, I choose not to be a burden to anybody; I don’t want to cast a dark cloud on anyone’s day with my “illness.”

But one thing I have to say is that folks are SO dismissive when one mentions that they’re having a hard time. Do you think they’re getting ready to ask you for something more than prayer or (if prayer ain’t your thing) a few kind words to help them get through it? I can show you text after text from today where I was literally told “you’ll be aight. I’ll holla lata.”

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partial (suicide) note

I’m becoming a little bit more comfortable with opening up about my mental disorder. Depression is truly an ugly and uncomfortable thing. I’m in a good place; I wake up in the morning with intention and thank God for all of the positives He’ll be adding to my life on that day before they get a chance to happen. I’m not healed. I still have moments where I feel the evil spirit of depression creeping up on me, but when I ‘feel’ it, I allow myself the moment. I throw myself into some music and prayer…almost always filled with a few tears. And I thank God for being the shoulder that I cry on in that moment, for saving me from myself in that very instance. I put my trust in Him to remove the negative feelings, and SO FAR, I’ve bounced back. Slowly but surely, I bounce back.

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