Boredom Takes Over

…and when it does, I get to acting stupid.

I dunno what my fascination is with personal ads. I think that one day, I was browsing Craigslist and found the area called “The Best Of.” In that, they had all types of hilarious ads that had me bawled over in pain from laughing so hard. Many of those ads were personal ads. After a while, I became obsessed with finding these ads myself and submitting them to the site for the Best Of edition.

Anyway, so I’m browsing today and found THIS little gem. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong? Allow me…this dude thinks he’s slick; trying to convince some chick that he’s truly ready to settle down but all throughout the post, he’s talking about getting out of Chicago. And it doesn’t stop there. He lays on the line of “looking for someone who moves fast,” aka: Would you be willing to let me move to Georgia, stay with you, and play relationship until I get my shit together?

I be damned. But I betchu everything I’m worth that there are mad females who are responding to this man’s ad b/c there are MANY women in Atlanta who want to be boo’ed up and will accept someone just ‘getting it together’ just to say that they have someone.

And then THIS guy. SMH. First off, I can’t stand people who apparently take camera phone pics of pics. Bad quality camera phone pics at that. But, is that not Bow Wow’s 13/14 year old pics? I mean, word? So dudes swagger jack on pics like females do? Wow! Who woulda thunk!? Talkin’ ’bout “I Look DUMB Good!” Nah, negro…you just look dumb. Sitcho’ Ass Down!

Personal ads crack me the hell up! Be on the look out for more as I find them.

PS: Is 50 Cent serious when he says “There’s never been a mogul like me?” Don’t make me page Diddy!

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