An ‘Enth of What an Overdose Costs

Yup…you read correctly.

While I was in California during my ‘industry’ days, I overdosed on pills. I took about 3-3.5 ecstasy pills, body went cold, hands and feet turned blue, couldn’t breathe. I begged someone to call an ambulance, only for those same folks who called themselves ‘friends’ to either lock themselves in bedrooms or leave the house b/c…they ‘don’t want any part of any snitch shit.’

When the ambulance arrived, only two people went with me. It’s not that I really expected anyone to have my back but who sits around and does nothing, even if it’s that person’s own mistake?

Nonetheless, the insurance company that I was with covered most of it and I guess THIS is what’s remaining…years later.

The price I paid in one moment of stupidity to help me temporarily forget about several…

I really need to finish this book.

  • Mizz Bozz

    *gasp* YES! Imma REALLY need you to finixh this book!

  • Jia

    It’s so needed but I just get so lazy :O(

    It’s sad.

  • AssertiveWit

    wow…some people are just assholes
    I’m the first person to tell anyone that I don’t condone stupidity but I’m definitely not gonna close my eyes to someone who needs immediate help.

  • Uglycleanbroke87

    Yes, yes PLEASE finish that book. I am on the edge of my fucking seat just from these two short excerpts.

    P.S. The incident you described is reason #768,546 why I don’t call many people my friends. It’s easy for folks to laugh in your face when shit is nice and simple, but true colors come out when not-so-simple situations surface.

  • mona_shay

    WOW…You have a testimony lady! You’re truly blessed!!

  • Kenya Mack

    Some friends. *hmmph* People don’t know what snitching really is. I don’t care what it is, I would’ve been there for my friend. My goodness you could’ve died!

  • Kay

    Damn Jia! You really have a story to tell!! Get up on it and finish. God didn’t take you out of that and put you where you are now for no reason! Please finish that book. You are and will be an inspiration to so much others!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Tiffany

    I so can not wait on this book. I’ll pay extra just to come and personally get my signed copy. And I want the first “public” copy, meaning after family and close friends.

  • Me

    What are you waiting on?! I can have a book written about you by Monday. You’ve given out so many snippets of your past and present life that the book is already written. You could have had book 5 of the series published and on hardcopy. Finish it this weekend Jia. Just do a very rough draft and don’t worry about it being perfect because the editor will clean it up for you. Record yourself telling the rest of the story and pay someone to dictate it to hardcopy. Okay.

  • Luvvie

    I’ll be waiting for that book. But WOW! Cannot believe people turned their back to you while you needed that help. Just… wow

  • sktruth

    Thank god you made it out of that girl. People can be so damn trifling but what else is new! You definitely have a purpose to fulfill on this earth girl, and I can’t wait in till the book is finished~God bless

  • Je’Tara

    Ugh the reason why no one gets called friend. How can people just walk away from you when you need them? I am sooo happy you are still here to tell your story!!!

  • lee-lee

    When something goes wrong, or you f*ck up, see who’s still left standing as your friends and those are truly your friends. I’m glad you made it to the hospital and are ok, because I know of people who were are doing heavy drugs and it was a group of them and one ended up having a heart attack everyone was scared to call the ambulance, in fear of what would happen, and the person died right there. I swear people are so stupid. All someone has to do is call 911 and say the person is having symptoms etc. and just lie and say they aren’t sure why. Let the person who needs help explain their own drug shi* or whatever ya know