Things I’ve Learned/Random Thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a random list of things that’s been on my mind. Usually after a sequence of events (all possibly unrelated), I feel the need to write them down. Maybe I’ll reference them later, maybe I won’t. Anyway…

-Never say never. I’m guilty of this but am just now realizing that there are some things that I “am” willing to put up with or accept that I have said in the past I wouldn’t.

-Compromise really is a two way street that eventually dead ends: your way or their way. Either or, someone’s gonna end up bitter.

-If someone is constantly calling someone in their (love) life crazy, more than likely, THEY are the one that’s a little off.

-It’s usually always ‘something’ if they have to stress that it’s nothing.

-Liars still make me sick.

-Excuses are nothing more than a way to buy time.

-It never pays to be the fall back.

-When you say it’s time to let go, do it and mean it. There’s a guy I know….nevermind. Just read the book.

-The idea of love is appealing to me (at times) but the dramatics that goes with it 99.9% of the time makes it lose luster real quick.

-I’m over some people and things; some shit should be left in the imagination/fantasy world.

  • SoJazzy1

    I’m so glad you decided to entertain us once again over here at ;) I’m over all these celeb’s w/ their wannabe PR dramatics for album/movie sales #beatit

  • BtSquared2

    My favorite lesson in life is: give a person ONE opportunity to f*ck you over. Just one. That’s really all it takes to separate friends from associates.