Sometimes you have to breathe…

So, for the past couple of days, I’ve been taken over with a bevy of emotions that range from excitement, happiness, curiosity and a little bit of fear (of the unknown).

I know that several weeks ago, I did a post about Queen Oprah and her question of learning what life is saying when it speaks to you.

It seems that everybody has ‘me’ pegged. They automatically know what they think is best for me. They assume that just b/c I’m extremely good at something (their words, not mine), that this somehow should play a role in how I make my next move. And while suggestions are appreciated, I had to also keep in mind that no matter how great certain careers may seem in the eyes of others, I have to be able to enjoy it.

My post regarding Oprah and her ‘listen to your life’ segment wasn’t that long ago but the more I ‘reached,’ the more I was able to see what I could do, for little money, and would enjoy it all the same.

I hate that I’m just getting started so late in life, but I read someone’s twitter bio tonight and it said, ‘It’s never to late to start something new.’ I consider that an affirmation that taking on something new and different is quite okay. I WILL still continue to blog because hey, I love blogging and it pays my bills. And although I love working for myself, in some ways I miss the social aspects of having a job and not feeling as though I’m locked into one thing.

Again, there are a ton of bloggers out there who want to be famous. And I don’t knock them for taking advantage of those opportunities one bit. But when I think about my own life (long term), I don’t see myself attending a bunch of events all the time and dealing with people digging further into my business than they’ve already ‘dug.’ I’ve been unapologetically open, I just don’t see myself putting ‘me’ out there even MORE (if that’s possible) for the sake of something that is a hobby for me (that I just happen to get paid for).

As I explained to someone else tonight…this isn’t to say that I’d turn down things that could mean a great opportunity for my blog/blogging community to grow; it simply means that I won’t actively seek out other people to help me become a part of my blog that I’m not 100% sure I want to become. Make sense?

I won’t reveal much more about what I’ll be doing. What I WILL do is keep it between God and me and hope that He’ll help me through it.

I thank everybody for their continued support. Again, I am NOT closing down the blog. I will still do my tees and _________ as planned. The book? If I can unlazy my thoughts a bit to get that started, you guys will get that too. But at 31, I just have this feeling inside of me that I just want to scale back a bit. Just a wee bit…..

  • shalia

    As long as you don’t go an fall off the face of the earth I’m good. I just NEED my daily dose of Miss Jia.

  • Jia

    lol I dont think I could if I tried lol

  • kgibson75

    In the few years that ive been following you, you have changed without losing yourself. Wishing you nothing but the best

  • ChknQueen

    You’re entitled to feel any way you want and make the decisions you choose. Of course I always thought by me knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up would make things easier, but boy was I wrong. Living day to day is your hands on experience to fully know what it is that makes you smile inside and out. Have fun with your life Jia, but make sure you got some way to keep the lights on. :)