And YES this is a REAL post lol

Not sure what was going on earlier when all these spam posts were going to my Twitter account. A little freakish but whatever….

I’ve been working feverishly on my latest project, Kill Pink….so much so that I haven’t been blogging like I should at I’m definitely going to change that starting tomorrow, as I got a few good words of advice from a friend. Although I’m anxiously ready to launch this new product, I still can’t neglect what’s helped to get me there.

I anticipate an October launch, just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, I’ve also been somewhat held back b/c I am having some custom charms made with my logo. Between making sure that they get (and stay) paid, I’m also having to get samples, correct any visible errors that I see, photoshop arrows to specifically point things out, email those to the vendor….and wait. I have no real choice but to wait.

I contemplated going ahead and launching the line without the branded charms but you know…there are so many people who make bracelets. Although the bracelets were not a real “planned” idea (I’m really MORE interested in doing the t-shirts and leggings), I still feel that I have to do SOMETHING to set myself apart from other people. Even if the separation is small.

You know what’s weird as hell…even though I love being able to have my own schedule, here lately, I’ve been “missing” having a job that I actually wake up and go to. Sure, I wake up and “go to” my computer to start working…but I just miss those interactions with other people. Strange indeed.

Nonetheless, I just wanted to post a quick blog so that you would know (outside of calling me or twitter) that I am alive and just enjoying being in this creative space that I’m in right now.

  • Quinn

    From one business owner to another, I too miss the days of waking up with a structured schedule and interacting with other people (and not through a social networking site). I have to remind myself that if I was working a regular 9-5 again, I’d wish I was home working for myself lol.

  • I Am Your People

    A little suggestion about missing co-workers: I know a group of self employed folks who get together at coffee shops, so that not only is there camaraderie, it forces them to be awake, and working, at a given time.

    Also – can’t wait for Kill Pink!

  • ChknQueen

    Have fun doing what you love, Jia, but allow yourself from breathing room. Hard work requires rest and relaxation, but also comes with high demands. I like working in a “regular” atmosphere, but girl, I’d love to work in my own private world if possible. Keep doing you!