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Imperfectly Perfect

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve actually sat down and written a personal blog. Writing on the blog is usually a release for me, rather than something I make it a point to do on a daily basis. Nonetheless it’s 3:09am, I’m trying to figure out the rest of December, and I feel the need to drop a little word vomit…you know, just to relax a bit.


The Lesser of Two Evils

I’m being a typical “crab” today. I am absolutely in my shell, hiding out a little bit. I am, without question, living up to my Cancer-like ways. For the record, I’m not hiding from anyone. I’m pretty much retreating to figure out where my emotional boundaries lie.


You Can’t Please Everybody…

*slaps forehead* Boy, oh boy…I tell you, people are never satisfied. Never.

Alright, back in 2004 when I created my first (personal) blog, I spent a lot of time complaining about the way my life was b/c during that time, I was in a shitty relationship and needed some place to voice my opinions. I didn’t really add a lot of “myself” in it b/c I didn’t see the need to be more personal when I was already shining light on why I was being stupid in staying in a relationship that wasn’t working. Since then, I’ve maintained a blog in some fashion and have always found it better to just be myself b/c I didn’t really know “how” to act like anybody else.


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