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Okay (Lessons from Oprah/Business-y Stuff)

I don’t usually talk very much about business and everything that it involves. Some people don’t like to be bored with it. Besides, since I’m not a “baller,” I think that a lot of people don’t take what I have to say seriously.

And that’s fine….

But a couple days ago, I wrote about structure and organization. My thoughts have been somewhat scattered b/c Kill Pink is something very new to me. I’m having to learn a lot as I go and although the official site hasn’t launched yet (it will later this month, if not the first week in November), I’ve still managed to come to a few very REAL realizations about a few things I’ll need to do to make Kill Pink successful.


On to the NEXT one…

Soo, it’s like….5 in the morning. I SHOULD be sleeping right now b/c at about 8, I’m going to be heading to NC to visit my family. My ‘baby’ sister (who’s not such a baby anymore) turned 27 on the 6th. I haven’t seen my fam since Thanksgiving LAST year. SO freakin’ trifling. But my parents hit me up and said that they want to see me AND that they’re buying me a NICE brand new gift! So yeaaaaaa, I’d say it’s time to make that trip!


Guilty as charged

How many of you are willing to admit your own flaws? I know that I’ve talked about mine several times on the blog. I think that the emphasis on your flaws is the best thing to help you realize what you need to do change them.

Although I usually don’t like admitting to my parents that they were right about something, as an adult, I’ve found that almost everything that they told me way back when (and I didn’t understand) has been nothing but truth.

Case in point? You can’t trust everybody….


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