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no to goodbyes.

As my amazing luck would have it, my (great) grandmother passed away yesterday. Yup, right on the first of the month. I’ve never had a lucky October; it’s always been something. I hate to be negative and feel as though I’m willing it into my life, but this has been consistent for me since about 2004. Nothing’s changed and with her passing away RIGHT at the beginning of the month, I can’t say that I’m positive that it ever will.



I don’t think that people say ‘thank you’ enough. Honestly, I think that everyone appreciates a thank you. It sort of validates you, making you feel as though someone can relate or is paying attention.


Jayne Mansfield

…would’ve turned 76 today. She (blonde on the right) died in 1967 in a car crash. Thanks for blessing us with the beautiful, Mariska Hargitay! I love she…

Isn’t the side eye action in this pic HILARIOUS? Somebody was lightweight hating on somebody’s mammaries! LOL!

Thanks to @avocalistsrival for the pic!

When I Don’t Know How To Deal…


…I write.

I guess I’ll be showing a bit of my weakness right now, and it’s cool. I’ve always kept some type of journal and since my blog is my journal, I guess others get to read it.

Today, I found out that a “friend” of mine named Coley passed away.