I think that we live in a society today where people are far too “me” focused.

“If it doesn’t benefit me, I don’t care.”

“If it doesn’t cause a ruckus with my bottom line, why does it matter?”

Etc., etc.,



So it’s like…5 something in the morning. I don’t know why I always feel ‘inspired’ to log onto SSF during this hour but eh, a blog’s a blog, right?

I hope that I can make this as short and to the point as possible but, by now, you should know that I tend to ramble about. I always manage to make my point though. I have a question that I hope that at least one of you can help me out with because I’ve totally missed the memo…why is it that so many people want something for absolutely nothing?


On to the NEXT one…

Soo, it’s like….5 in the morning. I SHOULD be sleeping right now b/c at about 8, I’m going to be heading to NC to visit my family. My ‘baby’ sister (who’s not such a baby anymore) turned 27 on the 6th. I haven’t seen my fam since Thanksgiving LAST year. SO freakin’ trifling. But my parents hit me up and said that they want to see me AND that they’re buying me a NICE brand new gift! So yeaaaaaa, I’d say it’s time to make that trip!


Guilty as charged

How many of you are willing to admit your own flaws? I know that I’ve talked about mine several times on the blog. I think that the emphasis on your flaws is the best thing to help you realize what you need to do change them.

Although I usually don’t like admitting to my parents that they were right about something, as an adult, I’ve found that almost everything that they told me way back when (and I didn’t understand) has been nothing but truth.

Case in point? You can’t trust everybody….


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