Lost Ones….

SOOOO of all the videos that J Cole could drop, he drops one for his song, Lost Ones. Short version of the song is he’s talking to a girl that he’s dating about not going through with an unexpected pregnancy and of course, it’s bringing back memories.


What support is ‘not’

As many of you know, I am starting a new business venture called Kill Pink. The original purpose for Kill Pink was to feature novelty tees with cute quotes, sayings and photos on them. However, in an effort to evolve and not keep the brand so bland, I’ve decided to include beaded and macrame bracelets, leggings and TONS of other stuff (that I won’t mention until it’s officially time to roll it out). I’m very excited! But amidst all my excitement, I have to remind people of some things that should go without saying…but I’m saying it anyway b/c apparently folks forget what support truly is.


Okay (Lessons from Oprah/Business-y Stuff)

I don’t usually talk very much about business and everything that it involves. Some people don’t like to be bored with it. Besides, since I’m not a “baller,” I think that a lot of people don’t take what I have to say seriously.

And that’s fine….

But a couple days ago, I wrote about structure and organization. My thoughts have been somewhat scattered b/c Kill Pink is something very new to me. I’m having to learn a lot as I go and although the official site hasn’t launched yet (it will later this month, if not the first week in November), I’ve still managed to come to a few very REAL realizations about a few things I’ll need to do to make Kill Pink successful.


Emotionally spent…

*sigh* This blog will probably be “all over the place.” I have so much going on in my head right now that I can’t think straight and I’m just “spent.” I hate feeling as though I’ve invested time in someone or something, only to find out that they weren’t who I thought they were.


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