Fathers, Hug Your Daughters? Wifing Whores? Sexuality? Drugs…

Alright, so this ‘rant’ is totally a response to the goings on in a Facebook group that I’m a part of. The group is private so don’t try to find it or ask me what the name of the group is. Nonetheless, the group itself consists of men and women, 25 and up, who talk about everything from relationships to children to sex and bullshit. There’s a member of the group who seems to get ‘read’ by a (former) member of the group b/c she is an online (nude) model and works in a strip club (but not as a dancer) but still manages to have a good head on her shoulders. The problem? Any time this one member felt the need to come at her neck, one of the things that was ALWAYS said was, “Your father must’ve been MIA,” “You weren’t hugged as a child by your father,” “Your father had to have fucked up big time for you to be the way you are.”


Sleeping with your ex’s bestie/friend

So I’m speaking with a (male) friend of mine via text and he asks me a simple question:

Jia, would you date/mess with one of your ex’s close friends?

I paused for a second and right before I was about to type “no,” I had to think back to my own scandal. I responded with “I HAVE but…..”


The home, the sanctuary….

My year long lease is officially up and I’ve started the task of looking for another place. I don’t know about any of you but now when I’m looking, I have somewhat of a check list of things that I’d “like” to have in my home. But as I was browsing places to live and checking off the ones that didn’t meet my expectations, it made me think back to a time when I didn’t even have the option…especially since I was living in my car.


Do you have a bucket list?

I’m pretty sure that we all have goals that we’d like to accomplish. It could be a short term goal, a long term goal, something that simply fulfills a desire. I have a bucket list in my head. These are things that I say that I’d like to do with no real specific time frame. For those of you who have them, do you give yourself a time frame in which to complete them or do you simply have them there and mark them off whenever? Check out a couple of mine and feel free to add yours!


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