Do you have a bucket list?

I’m pretty sure that we all have goals that we’d like to accomplish. It could be a short term goal, a long term goal, something that simply fulfills a desire. I have a bucket list in my head. These are things that I say that I’d like to do with no real specific time frame. For those of you who have them, do you give yourself a time frame in which to complete them or do you simply have them there and mark them off whenever? Check out a couple of mine and feel free to add yours!


So I read another blog today…

…and wanted you to guys to read it too. I love reading folks personal blogs. We always tend to get caught up in the glitz of reading about celebrities and their lives that we oftentimes forget that those who blog about them have lives too. Back in ’05, I use to KILL personal blogs. There were so many that I would seriously spend hours every night reading posts. Just love knowing that some of the things I feel on the inside are quite normal and that I’m not a total loon.


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