So I read another blog today…

…and wanted you to guys to read it too. I love reading folks personal blogs. We always tend to get caught up in the glitz of reading about celebrities and their lives that we oftentimes forget that those who blog about them have lives too. Back in ’05, I use to KILL personal blogs. There were so many that I would seriously spend hours every night reading posts. Just love knowing that some of the things I feel on the inside are quite normal and that I’m not a total loon.


Don’t even know…

After having my site down for damn near three days, it’s finally back up and running.

It’s crazy how folks are so ‘tech smart’ that they can find ways to get into folks account and manipulate the shit out of it. Anyone who’s ever been “hacked” knows how helpless you feel; I wish that I could say that I practiced patience during this whole ordeal b/c I wanted to but I can’t. I ONLY did it because I had no choice but to wait. Nonetheless, I won’t complain much…just glad it’s over.



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