Human Toxicity

There are many people of the world who are able to stop former bad habits and still be around people or triggers that could cause a relapse. The general suggestion is that you don’t. I believe that in order to truly break free of certain stressors and “situations” you want to rid yourself of, it’s necessary to really let go. You can’t be a raging alcoholic, attend the AA meetings but then get a job working as a bartender. You don’t break a hardcore gambling addiction but then meet your friends at a casino for a good time in Vegas. It just doesn’t work. And I feel the same way about my past life.


For the Foodies: Sweet Potato Pancakes

I can’t vouch for the yummy-ness factor on these. I know that they LOOK and SOUND like they’re delicious. Anyway, some of you may know, others may not…I’m currently on Weight Watchers and I’m always stalking their recipes/food ideas to make for myself. I’ve found a lot of it to be VERY helpful; I work from home, so I’m spending LESS money but eating much healthier. If any of you make these before I do (I’m making them for Sunday breakfast), let me know how it goes. For those using WW, one serving of these (which I think amounts to about two pancakes) is 6 points.


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