Booty Irrigation bka: Colon Hydrotherapy

After years of putting it off because I was scared as hell, I finally completed a session of colon hydrotherapy. In short, basically what it is is a thorough cleaning of your colon using water (and I’m sure it’s probably something else in that water to assist). The water goes through a tube (similar to the one above) and up the poop shoot to break up hardened/old/clogged fecal matter and then it’s “flushed” out.


Human Toxicity

There are many people of the world who are able to stop former bad habits and still be around people or triggers that could cause a relapse. The general suggestion is that you don’t. I believe that in order to truly break free of certain stressors and “situations” you want to rid yourself of, it’s necessary to really let go. You can’t be a raging alcoholic, attend the AA meetings but then get a job working as a bartender. You don’t break a hardcore gambling addiction but then meet your friends at a casino for a good time in Vegas. It just doesn’t work. And I feel the same way about my past life.


For the Foodies: Sweet Potato Pancakes

I can’t vouch for the yummy-ness factor on these. I know that they LOOK and SOUND like they’re delicious. Anyway, some of you may know, others may not…I’m currently on Weight Watchers and I’m always stalking their recipes/food ideas to make for myself. I’ve found a lot of it to be VERY helpful; I work from home, so I’m spending LESS money but eating much healthier. If any of you make these before I do (I’m making them for Sunday breakfast), let me know how it goes. For those using WW, one serving of these (which I think amounts to about two pancakes) is 6 points.


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