The Email I NEVER Answered…

…but for some reason, I managed to save it.

I was going through one of my email boxes and clearing out old messages in folders that I had long forgotten about. While going through all the pictures (and OMG did I find some good pics lol), email interactions, order confirmations, etc., I chanced upon this email. It came from a guy who I ONLY knew online but he was always “interesting” to me. No, not interesting in a sexual way but in a way that kept my attention. He had a really good blog (not sure if it’s still up) about sex, his sexual experiences, tips, etc. This was back in the days when folks actually gave a damn and READ blogs that weren’t just about celebrities, sports and bullshit. Nonetheless, I’m going to post the email here. I think that during the time that this email was sent, I was going through a point in my life where I wasn’t quite ready to deal with my mistakes. His email pretty much put the spotlight on me and made me face it. It’s like I was an open book and he read me in a few short lines.

I never did tell him thanks for being so spot on. Maybe I’ll give him a special shout in my story….


Relationship Hates: Perfect

Even though I haven’t been involved in one in over 4 years, I’ve dated along the way. The things people say….

-”I’m not perfect.”
No one asked you to be. Understand that there is a HUGE grey area between being a total fuck up and being perfect. Find that happy medium and strive on being better. Perfection resides in no one but better always has a home.

Consistently saying that you’re not perfect (at least in MY eyes) says to me that you feel my expectations of you are too high when I’m only asking for fairness. It also says that you’ll use those words as a crutch so that when you do mess up, you have something to fall back on.

Again, there’s this HUGE grey area between being a total fuck up and perfect. It’s impossible for anyone to be the latter and if you lean too much towards the former, you’re not the one for me.

Those who meet somewhere in the middle with the willingness to rise to the top make my heart smile.

You Don’t Want the Truth

There’s only so much that you can say on this topic, so I’ll keep it brief.

Everyday I get emails via Facebook, my business email, etc., asking for advice regarding specific personal situations going on in someone else’s life. In some cases, I’ll post the answer on my blog (if they request it) but in the majority of cases, I’ll send a personal response giving my thoughts on their dilemma.

A few dozen times, I’ll receive a thank you but in quite a few scenarios, I’ve received an argument back that basically refutes any advice I’ve had to offer.

What did you email me for? And that leads me to this…..


The Lesser of Two Evils

I’m being a typical “crab” today. I am absolutely in my shell, hiding out a little bit. I am, without question, living up to my Cancer-like ways. For the record, I’m not hiding from anyone. I’m pretty much retreating to figure out where my emotional boundaries lie.


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