pause. then push.

Start with the smallest and work your way to the tallest.

Got an email in reference to The Weave Review asking why didn’t I complete it when I first announced it.


ride this dick instead…..


This is the problem with other brands and businesses….

Far too often, several of you look for the easiest and quickest ways to come up. Rarely do you work hard in comparison to the people that you ‘take’ from. Rarely do you understand what it takes to connect with an audience and BUILD. Instead, many of you would much rather allow someone else to do all the work while you prepare yourself to latch on to them like the leeches that you are.


you can stop now…


This message is going to be all over the place…just as all over the place as some people’s minds tend to be when it comes to keeping to themselves or choosing. But before I start, let me just say that if it doesn’t apply, let it fly. Whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not, whether you ‘get it’ or not, follow me camera! The rant starts in 5…4…3….


the fuck is WRONG with you?


Still up doing some work and writing down these ideas for the Deactivated Fat Girl app that’s being created. I usually have even MORE issues sleeping when I have something on my mind.

A few newsletters ago (via With love, Jia), I mentioned something about how awful it must be to live a life where you’re guarded and untrusting of people. I am not trying to paint myself the perfect person, but far too often, I have been told by MANY people that I’m too nice to people and a lot of times that “niceness” clouds my better judgment. For the sake of keeping peace or not hurting anyone’s feelings, I tend to bite my tongue until one person after the next speaks up and says, “Jia…hello?”


thanks, but no thanks….


I’m gonna say this one more time b/c of this text conversation that I’m having. Yall ain’t gotta agree and I’m cool if you don’t….

But if you can’t afford to court somebody, don’t pursue them.

For me, that’s non negotiable.

I’m not getting involved in nann ‘notha relationship where I’m taking care of somebody or always pulling out my card for the date.

The LAST person who knew what it meant to take care of their girlfriend was a person I dated over 10 years ago. TEN years.

You ladies are outchea letting those who wanna get with you get away with TOO much, while offering very little. So when you finally decide to let them go and put them back out into the world, they come HERE thinking shit’s sweet when it’s not.

I’m not trying to sit at home with you while you work on a come up. It’s one thing if you’re working towards a goal and can still at least afford to take your girl to the movies. It’s another ball game if you constantly don’t have and want me to sit at home while you think about it.

Harsh? Maybe. But I’m coming up on 34 years old. If I can afford to at LEAST take you to Pappadeaux without eye’ing the menu or telling you that you have a “limit,” damn it, I want the same.

I’m not rich. I don’t gold dig. Matter fact, I’ll never ask you for shit.

But if I didn’t learn anything from my deddy many moons ago, I DID learn (and keep close to my heart) that his daughters deserved to be treated like ladies.

Long gone are the days when people do “little” things for the people they are interested in or even love. Yall so quick to get comfortable and forget all about the important things that matter when it comes to keeping a relationship strong. No, “dates” aren’t ALL it takes but it does count towards a good percentage. Don’t ask me to satisfy even an enth of your needs if you can’t satisfy mine. Yes, I’m ‘selfish’ like that.

Courting doesn’t have to include buying bags, going on major shopping sprees, or taking lavish trips. I don’t even do or OWN anything designer. Buy me a purse from Target and I swear I wouldn’t know the difference. I’m a very, VERY simple girl and extremely easy to please. You ain’t gotta spend your whole check on a G, but damn, can you take a mufucka to the movies and maybe dinner? Can we go paint and sip some wine? Can we go to six flags or go play paint ball? Can we do ANY of this without me ALWAYS having to come out of pocket?

If the answer is NO, you. are. NOT. the. one. for ME.

Find you another girl to date b/c I’m done dating potential. Sorry but I ain’t sorry.

bye ashy.

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