reminding yourself of your worth

I’ve been bullshittin’ this entire weekend. No joke. BeyoncĂ© came through and basically made me say fuck every single plan I had. I got zero work done. I didn’t get to mark a thing off my to do list. Did I mention my lease is up in approximately 30 days and I have no idea where I’m going? Oh.

But earlier today, I received a text from someone that I consider quite special asking me to give them a reminder. I saw the text as soon as I woke up, and thought to myself “Surely, I’ve written about this before.” I searched this blog from my phone for keywords and such to see if I could find something to serve as a reminder. No dice. Got on my laptop and tried to search again. Nothing. I KNOW that I’ve written about this somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. Nonetheless, I figured that she (and maybe someone else) could use this word so…here goes.




If you’re in need of a good word on what it means to be faithful, please visit my tumblr page where I reposted a story (from Facebook) of a man who literally has everything working against him and, in spite of it all, his faith in God has remained completely unmoved, as he knows that if he’s been pulled from a bad situation before, it can definitely happen again.

How many of you lose faith often? How many of you just feel like bowing down and giving up because nothing seems to go your way? If none of you are brave enough to admit it, allow me to stand up and introduce myself to the class.

Hello. My name is Jia, and at times, I have allowed “less” to enter my mind far too often.


what’s uncomfortable?

Since the time I first made tracks on the web (I’m thinking about 98, 99?), I’ve always had somewhat of a presence. No, this presence wasn’t rooted in looks or some sort of crazy scandal. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been told that I have a way with words and whether I’m trying to or not, I sort of command a certain level of attention. I even feel weird typing this out right now because it sounds more self absorbed that I’d like to sound, but I feel that it’s the best way to lead into what I’m about to say.


relationships could be easier


Repost from Facebook:

I think that people make dating and relationships much more difficult than they should be. If we continued to follow even the most basic of principles when dealing with another person, that’d leave far less room for disappointment.



I definitely get the “you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with” thing now, as it pertains to business at least.


folks say they want the truth…


Ah, the life of me…a Cancer. When something’s weighing heavily on my mind, I find that the best thing for me is to retreat until I can either come up with a solution or some type of work around that’ll eventually put my mind at ease. I appreciate those who check in to make sure I’m okay. When I’m deep in those thoughts, alone time is what I need.


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