clearing the air

For the last two weeks, I’ve had repeated questions about my blog ( and why there has been a serious lack of updates. I’ve (purposely) ignored the question until I felt like sitting down and getting my thoughts together to tell everybody at one time. This would also allow me to provide a link to people when they ask about it in the future instead of having to repeat myself over and over again.


trayvon somehow made me ‘racist?’



I don’t get how anyone can live in this world and not understand how or believe that white privilege exists. I have been debating online since at least 98/99, but never have I had as many debates as I’ve had in this 24 hour period. I’ve always stayed far away from talks of race and religion because people tend to take things to another level, and it’s oftentimes very difficult to communicate your feelings without attaching some sort of emotion to it. However, the verdict that was rendered last night definitely pushed me to state what “I” believe to be fact…and that is that white privilege exists.


take your life to a new level…

You never really know what anyone is going through. I am a firm believer that when you feel the spirit to share a message (be it your own or someone else’s), you should without question…because you never know who needs it.

A friend of mine (Tasha from Imperfect Concepts Boutique) just forwarded this email to me, via Shanel Cooper Sykes. The message is about elevating your life and going for what you deserve. If you need some motivation to start your week, this is most certainly it.


now you’re the asshole.

A little less than an hour ago, I finished a phone call with someone that I’ve known for a minute. Just to keep it brief/get straight to the point, the conversation started with them putting me on hold. They proceeded to have conversations with everyone around them at the time while continuing to ‘wait a minute’ me. Once they were done with whatever they were doing, I was asked how I was doing, only to be interrupted again by a new conversation with someone else….all before I could get an answer out. From there, I said that I have to go and would pick up the conversation later. Almost immediately after I hung up the phone, I received a text message (from the same person) asking me ‘What the fuck is your problem?’

I didn’t see the point in continuing to sit on the phone if everything around you seems to be a distraction.

I then received a ‘here you go’ response. And now I’m the asshole.


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