Off My Chest

I seriously wonder what’s up with people being so judgmental. I truly do not understand it.

I will keep this brief b/c you guys know that I can get long winded. I was looking at a story regarding a woman who formerly worked in the adult industry. She decided to turn her life around and has taken on two jobs…one working in the cafeteria of a local elementary school and the other in the YMCA (I believe). Anyway, she’s basically been put on blast b/c someone alerted the school that she use to work in porn. The school wanted to fire her but lawyers for the BoE said “You better not!”

Here’s my thing…society pushes this image on women that they must be feminine, dainty, classy and lady-like at all times. So okay, a couple of women make a bad decision and enter into the adult arena…oftentimes not thinking about the future consequences of said decision. Now for various reasons, this same woman chooses to get OUT of the industry and basically work on rebuilding her life that’s usually more befitting to what society has deemed normal or appropriate…yet shit like this happens.

Trust me…this is not a plea asking the world to accept something that’s considered taboo. But it’s really an entry putting the spotlight on the hypocrites of the world. You tell a woman that what she’s doing is wrong…she takes heed to your warning and does something that ‘you’ would deem as more appropriate yet…you ridicule her for that too? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

I highly doubt that Louisa Tuck (aka Crystal Gunns) will ever read this entry. But to her (and people LIKE her) I say…b/c this world is so ‘perfect’ and judgmental, a lot of times it’s best to branch out and do your own thing. No matter how much you tone your life down, people will always judge you. Even if you had never worked in the industry, people would talk about you. It’s a win/win situation for them and, of course, a lose/lose for you. I think that it’s unfortunate that people see themselves as being so perfect that they can dictate someone else’s life and cast doubt on someone’s drive to be (somewhat) perfect. It sickens me. Does it make me doubtful of my own future? Absolutely not. I just think that people need to learn to mind their own business…and if what someone else is doing doesn’t directly effect you, your money, or your family…then go fuck yourself and have a cup full of goldfish.

There are bigger things in this world to worry about.

Sundays & Such

I am making a note to myself to buy Wanted and Hancock on DVD! I love buying DVDs!

I hope everybody is having a great day! I am…or did, considering the day is almost over.

I went to bed at about 6am today (YES, 6 aye-emme) and woke up about noon. I was pissed b/c I like to get my working out done early so it’s…well…done! But I didn’t work out until about 3:30. From there, I had to quickly hop in the shower, wash my hair and slick it back for dinner at 5. I am officially full.

Tomorrow, I enter my 8th week of the Body for Life program and I must say, it’s an amazing program. It has inspired me to do so much more. Seriously. Nonetheless, I will be completely done with the program on December 28th. From there, I will start a new leg of the program. I think it’s going to be required in order for me to see the results I want to see in my legs. Everytime I get to the point where I question whether or not I’ve lost in my lower body, I put on a pair of pants and realize that I have baggy action going on. Like now, for instance…I have on some grey sweats. These sweats use to fit TIGHT as hell in the thighs and the booty. Now? I look like I have on some man’s sweats. Not cute….ah well, new night clothes, I guess. Anyway, if you don’t know anything about the program, definitely check it out!

I posted another excerpt from my book recently on Myspace and the response was overwhelming! I couldn’t believe how many people hit me up, asking for more. I finished the book earlier this year and started going through the editing phase but something didn’t sit well with me with the book, so…I put it away and never really got back to it *shrugs shoulders*. This is going to sound funny as hell and I swear, I better not get clowned for this but…Karrine Steffans has actually inspired me to pick it back up and get it started. I know that a lot of people have their opinions of her (as do I) but one thing NOBODY can deny is the girl is tworking the SHIT out of her ‘celebrity.’ She’s working on her THIRD book right now and already doing what needs to be done to make sure that this book has the same hype and appeal as the first (I heard the 2nd one wasn’t too good. I only read bits and pieces of it). Nonetheless, it’s an inspiration for me.

I am so excited to see y family on Tuesday. I really am! I love those boogerheads to death! LOL My niece was on the phone saying “Tia when you coming home…with my lipgloss?” LOL! That girl uses her auntie so bad!

Well, I guess I’m going to go! It’s only 6pm (close enough) but I’m going to take a Benadryl (or two) and hope that I’m out like a light by about 9. I have so much to do within the next couple of weeks before spring semester starts!*slaps forehead* It’ll get done!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to add me on Twitter! I love that site and it’s a great way to keep up with what your girl has going on every now and then!


For Phunky Princess

So, per the suggestion of Phunky Princess, I checked out a website called Polyvore

It allows you to create your own lil outfits by using various clothing vendors.

I am tired as hell but I wanted to play around with it and will definitely go back just to have some fun!!

This outfit is SO me…perfectly! I am really a jeans and t-shirt type of girl but I will throw on some heels just for the girly effect! Woot!

Thanks, PhunkyP…*spirit fingers*


What the F***


So I’m browsing the news (as I normally do) online.

I see a big headline that says Ashlee Simpson had her baby.

She had a boy.

Why did this cracked out heffa name her baby Bronx Mowgli Wentz.




Are you kidding me?

I feel HELLA bad for that kid. Bronx, he might be able to get away with. But Mowgli?

LMAO! Hell naw

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