Sometimes I read blogs, watch television or listen to the stories of friends about their woes with men. There’s always a complaint. Always.

And while I do not believe in the adage that states that all men are DOGS, I do believe that, most men are opportunists. If given the opportunity, they WILL. End of story.

That being said, after perusing several blogs over the past couple of nights, I just had to go on record as saying that I am very glad that I usually do not form any type of emotional attachments to men. A lot of people say that it makes you ‘slutty’ or that you’re simply keeping your guard up b/c of something that happened in the past. I say, so what? I don’t care how anyone chooses to look at it, I have always prided myself in being a woman that didn’t associate love with intimacy. I have always been proud of the fact that I didn’t feel the need to get ‘clingy’ just b/c a guy passed me a bit of peen. Like many of my friends are doing right now, I had to learn the hard way.

I feel bad. I really do. I don’t knock women for being open with their emotions or hearts b/c let’s face it…we’re human. What are we suppose to do? Detach ourselves from all human emotions and live like hermits with solemn faces? We can’t.

For relationship purposes, I think that it’s pertinent that we all start to respect one another’s hearts. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some to state their purpose from the door. I believe that it saves a lot of confusion. I remember I met a guy and we began the whole ‘getting to know you’ phase. Incidentally we went on several dates and during one of our conversations while on one of them, I told him that right now, I’m simply ‘chillin’ and trying to get “me” together. He said that he ‘understood how that goes’ and hoped that we could continue being friends. Well, we ended up sleeping together and suddenly, he didn’t fully understand what I meant when I said I was ‘just chilling.’

……..I thought you meant in that moment?

Wow! I started to call him out about the whole ‘well-can-we-at-least-continue-to-be-friends’ bit but I quietly digress.

There are times when I have conversations with certain individuals (cough cough, Mama) and I feel bad for being so emotionless. But then, I can turn around and have a similar conversations with friends who are going through it b/c they allowed too much of their emotions to get involved, while the other person was ‘emotionally unavailable’ and *bam*…problems ensue.

So what do you do? Seriously…what do you and how do you proceed? You can’t always live your life guarded but it’s being proven that throwing caution to the wind is not a good option either.

For now, I de:tach….

I’ll Stay On MY Side, Thank You

Do any of you have any friends that are emotional leeches?

Like, you avoid asking them how their day was b/c they are always going to have a long sob story. Nothing is ever ‘good’ on their end. Life just sucks..and in turn, they’ll make you feel as though your life sucks also?

Or maybe the friend who always has drama and nothing more. You never hear anything positive..about anything or anybody. And if you try to divert the conversation so it can go towards a more positive direction, they almost act ‘short’ with you?

I feel drained…

30 Things Tag

I guess I asked for it. I have seen my name all up and through these blogs and never bothered to ask WTF anybody was talking about b/c I didn’t want to do the damn blog. But when I saw my friend Jamie’s blog with my name in it THREE times, I said “Okay, I’m curious. What ARE the questions!?”

So here’s the deal. I am answering 30 questions that will include people I either know for real or online. I will ONLY include the answers. If you want to know the questions, you have to let me know BUT if I give you the questions, you absolutely…positively…must do a blog with YOUR answers (without posting the questions, of course). Ready? Okay (wait..that was so cheerleader-ish. My bad):

qui noey chali beba rashon cheryl candie michelle

1. Jamie
2. Sean, Morgan, Robyn
3. 14/15/16 (LOL), Lidia, Robyn
4. Jeremy K.
5. ATLSistah (don’t want to post her real name, in case she doesn’t want folks to know)
6. Beba
7. Chali
8. Definitely Jamie, Michelle, Candie, Rashon, Qui
9. 14/15/16, Mama
10. Noey, Morgan, Robyn, Michelle (barstowmama)
11. Lidia, Ayesha
12. Wow, so many…Jamie, Morgan, Robyn, Noey, Qui, Cheryl, Michelle, Candie, Chali, Ayesha
13. Cheryl
14. Noey, Chali, Morgan
15. Qui
16. Cheryl
17. Beba
18. Chali
19. 14/15/16
20. Sean
21. Nicole
22. Pink
23. Hell, me….
24. Jamie
25. Kendra
26. HA! Jesus
27. E (aka blacktigerwu)
28. 14/15/16 (notice the pattern?)
29. Ash-beezy
30. Sean (most definitely)

Obama is Gangsta?

So I was walking on campus today, coming from the gym…when I noticed a vendor near the crosswalk selling T-Shirts.

I glanced at the shirt but had to do a double take. I know I saw the word OBAMA but I didn’t know what the rest said.

Upon further inspection, I noticed the shirt (pictured below) and asked him….

“I’m sorry but….does that say Obama is Gangsta…while he’s holding a gun?”

Vendor: LOL Yea….funny huh?

Me: No…it’s actually not.

Vendor: Well…I’m an Obama supporter and my friend designed them. I think it’s pretty funny.

Me: Well, I guess you have to be black to understand why it’s not funny.

And I walked away.

I did manage to see a business card…the shirt is being sold a site called iMagic Wear.

I’m sorry but with all the stereotypes placed on black men, I thought that this shirt was tasteless…supporter or not, it was in bad taste.


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