Obama is Gangsta?

So I was walking on campus today, coming from the gym…when I noticed a vendor near the crosswalk selling T-Shirts.

I glanced at the shirt but had to do a double take. I know I saw the word OBAMA but I didn’t know what the rest said.

Upon further inspection, I noticed the shirt (pictured below) and asked him….

“I’m sorry but….does that say Obama is Gangsta…while he’s holding a gun?”

Vendor: LOL Yea….funny huh?

Me: No…it’s actually not.

Vendor: Well…I’m an Obama supporter and my friend designed them. I think it’s pretty funny.

Me: Well, I guess you have to be black to understand why it’s not funny.

And I walked away.

I did manage to see a business card…the shirt is being sold a site called iMagic Wear.

I’m sorry but with all the stereotypes placed on black men, I thought that this shirt was tasteless…supporter or not, it was in bad taste.


In White People News

Two things, just cuz I’m a little irked:

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly made a comment regarding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship, stating that what Angelina did was “uncool.” Now, it’s also being reported that Brad fired back on some “dont-be-talking-about-me-bitch” shit.

Even though I love Angelina to DEATH, right is right and wrong is wrong. Her and Brad know good and hell well they were wrong for going about their relationship like they did. Don’t assume that a woman is “over it” just b/c time has passed. It was fucked up, period! You were married to this woman and while working on the set with another, you committed emotional infidelity, LEFT your wife and started having a gang of kids no sooner than you got your clothes off. What kinda shit is that?


And next, in white people news…y’all know that I’m totally obsessed with Oxygen channel’s show called Snapped, right? Well, sometimes I fall asleep with my TV on that channel. I woke up this morning to get ready for class and pack my bag for the gym when I notice that Tori & Dean is on. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Tori Spelling was on the hit show 90210. She is married to a guy named Dean…who she started sleeping with WHILE he was married. So anyway, do you know that the episode I woke up on was on some bullshit, where he started deep sea diving as a hobby and has this ‘hot’ instructor named Kim. Now, Tori is all jealous and worried that Dean is going to take interest in Kim and leave her.

Bitch, didn’t YOU steal him from somebody? The way you get ‘em can surely be the way you fucking lose ‘em. Broads like that make me sick! You sit up here and help a married man cheat but get mad at the thought of him doing the same shit to you?

Angelina and Tori…I’m giving both of yall the side eye. Sitcho ass down and meet my friend named karma.

Gym Etiquette

I had a traumatic experience at the gym and forgot to blog about it. Now, once I tell you what happened, you will most DEFINITELY understand why I will provide a very SMALL list of simple gym etiquette. Ingest the shit b/c we can NOT have this type of fuckery going on at the gym.

So I was doing the hip abductor and the guy next to me was doing the adductor. Now, while I was working it out, I just happened to glance in the mirror that’s directly in front of (both of) us and notice that this guys BALL was hanging out of his pants.

Let me repeat this. I was looking in the mirror, happy as hell to be at the gym and doing my thing. I managed to look over in his direction THROUGH the mirror and I saw a damn sac sitting on the damn seat.

I was horrified! I mean, don’t get me wrong…I like balls BUT I do not want to see those bitches on display when I’m getting my workout on.

That being said, I have compiled a small list that some of you will hopefully take heed to b/c this is absolutely UNacceptable:

1. Fellas, just as women SHOULD wear sports bras to the gym, you SHOULD take this time to utilize your tighty whities. The gym is NOT the time to go balls to the wall rocking ‘commando.’ That is not the business, especially if you’re going to be doing exercises that require you to open and close your damn legs!

2. Again, fellas. I know that you want to be comfortable when you’re working out but SHORT SHORTS at the gym are still not cute. Again, even the smallest of the small can have their jewels on frontal display if they have on the wrong gear.

3. Ladies, you’re at the gym to work out. If I see one more broad standing in the bathroom mirror, putting on mascara, blush and foundation, I am going to scream! Why are you doing all that when you’re only going to sweat it out!?

4. Again, ladies. It is highly unacceptable to wear your regular bra to the gym. I don’t care what the excuse may BE…the bottom line is sports bras are cheap. If you can afford to have a pink tag on your bra (aka Victoria’s Secret), then you damn sure can afford a $5 sports bra from Tar-jay!

5. When a person is exercising and really getting their ‘outta breath’ on, that is NOT the time to ‘chit chat.’ You saw me walk in the gym, you saw me come out of the restroom. Why would you wait until I was running to Single Ladies, feeling like Flo-Jo (RIP) to tell me that you’re interested in me? I will cut my eyes at you and make you feel like you killed somebody with a simple LOOK if you do this to me.

6. Referring back to balls on machinery, let me say this. Please people…most gyms have sanitizer for you to use to clean the equipment after you’re done. If I see you scratching in the crack of your ass, wiping snot from your nose, or sweat dripping from your hair follicles to the machine handles, the last thing I want to do is use that shit! I like making new friends but bodily fluids is not one of them.

7. When you’re at the gym, sitting down on the machines and ‘thinking’ about your tomorrow is not an option…especially when people are waiting to use the machine that you’re hogging. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how many damn times I’ve been waiting on a damn machine, only to see a person simply sitting there…planning dinner, looking around, talking on the cell phone. Are you serious?

8. Speaking of which…you’re at the gym to work out. Please get off your cell phone. There is nothing more annoying that seeing someone lollygag on a damn treadmill, while talking all loud on their cell. You tell all your friends that you’ll hit them up when you’re done getting your fitness on.

9. Didn’t your mama teach you that it’s impolite to stare? I’m sure she did and some of us are rebels. HOWEVER, the ladies locker room is NOT where you should practice said rebellion. I see women in the dressing room just eyeing mufuckas down! And I’m sure you’re asking “Well how do you know if you aren’t staring too?” You don’t have to stare at someone to know that you’re being looked at or to feel uncomfortable.

10. And finally…personal trainers? Yes, I’m talking to you! Please stop using a fitness consultation as an opportunity to put a bid in for romance. That’s highly unprofessional and 9 times out of 10, it makes the woman feel hella uncomfortable. I don’t need you asking me for my # right when you’re in between my legs, helping me stretch (I am not using a personal trainer right now…but this is just past experiences)!

I’m just saying….

This Is DEFINITELY a Weed Moment

I guess it’s an inside joke that I should fill some of you in on.

You see…I would say a healthy portion (not all) of my friends smoke weed. I don’t. But when I get aggravated or am having one of ‘those’ days, I always say “Oh my GOD, this is definitely a weed moment.” That’s usually met with a “Bitch, you don’t even smoke.”

I’m just saying.

Anyway, I just got back from the gym and I’m mad aggravated. I had to make some calls to clear some things up, exams will be poppin’ off soon! I’m just frustrated beyond measure. I feel like I have a small amount of time to get things taken care of.

Either or, that’s life, I suppose. You gotta handle biz or your biz will handle you. I’m gonna do it though. Just needed to vent.

This is most DEFINITELY a weed moment!

Project New Era

I just posted a few really interesting articles over at my website, Project New Era.

Please…take the time to read the articles posted on the site. Spread the word as much as you can. We spend a lot of time forwarding jokes and videos via email. Let’s forward something that really matters and makes a difference!

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