I don’t think that people say ‘thank you’ enough. Honestly, I think that everyone appreciates a thank you. It sort of validates you, making you feel as though someone can relate or is paying attention.


Maybe you haven’t been hit with the reality of your past…

…this was something that was said to me by the bestie today.

I think I may have talked to him a good three or four times today. It’s actually a record b/c I usually maybe talk on the phone with him once or twice in a week…briefly. But today was different. I think that I invited certain things into my ‘space’ that really caused my entire day to be sort of messed up.



I wanted to take a little break from working on a project that I’m doing for Kill Pink. I hit up a really good (and intelligent) friend of mine recently to ask him a few questions about business. I knew that he went to school for something business related (so sad that I don’t know his exact major though) and felt that he would be the perfect person to reach out to for questions that I had. I was beyond right. Nonetheless, he sent me a very long, but super easy to understand email breaking down ‘facts’ about business and how to run a successful company. I immediately began working on my current project based on that email.

As I’m going through some of the things that I’ve purchased over the last few months, I’m literally kicking myself in the ass over how much money I’ve spent over buying. I found myself asking aloud, “Why in the world would you buy 300+ of anything when you have NO CLUE if the item would sell or if you’d ever even use it?” But then it made me think of how I handle a lot of things in life…and why.


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